Spousal Visa

Spousal Visa

Settlement plan with your spouse, common-law partner, fiancé(e) and dependents

The law accords you residency resulting from a civil marriage with a Mauritian citizen.

According to Mauritius immigration law, a married spouse to a citizen of Mauritius have to take appointment with the Passport and Immigration office for submission of the application with the supporting documents.

For non-citizens with a residence permit in Mauritius, you can also sponsor your spouse to obtain residency by submitting an application package.

Your family dependents such as your accompanying child is eligible under this visa type category.

We hold your holds throughout this process for legal consultation to assess eligibility rules for foreign spouses, to verify your supporting documents, and to prepare the application package with our drafted submission correspondence.

Your spouse and dependent(s) are eligible for citizenship after spending a residency period in Mauritius.  The duration might be shortened for a citizen of a commonwealth country.

Mauritius is the perfect place to benefit from tax advantages (with double taxation treaty agreement between many countries for non-imposition of taxes in your country of origin), secure jurisdiction to park your wealth, estate planning to make sure administrative difficulties do not arise after you pass away.

Mauritius has a booming real estate market for high-net-worth individuals with respect to millionaire immigration.

We are here to assist you finding the right property on your budget, subject to specific property development schemes available to foreigners.

Examples are villa, penthouses, ground plus 2 floors apartments. Our property developer partners offer housing in prime locations with golf estate, leisure facilities and amenities in the area. A place in the sun in this renowned golf destination awaits you to spend time with your spouse, common-law partner, fiancé(e), accompanying dependents.

Exotic lifetyle with a sophisticated infrasture, good local transportation, perfect timezone with Europe. High quality education from international instutitions present in Mauritius as it being an educational hub for British, Australian and French professional accreditation. A blend of Francophone and British culture you can make your place with your family.

Apartment residence with concierge service 24/7 security.

Acquisition of a property in Mauritius can be used as a second vacation home for yourself and your dependents.

A residency of 180 days qualifies you as for tax residency.

NO Inheritance Tax

We plan your move to Mauritius with our holistic and bilingual charming approach through offshore partner.

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